Our Mission

It is Azzurro Dream Travel's mission to offer travelers a personalized, high-quality travel experience at competitive pricing. After years in the industry, Mario found that many travel companies have lost quality standards in their quest to turn a profit. This means high cost travel for customers, yet mediocre quality as large companies monopolize the market.

Mario and Courtney Mazzocchi have a passion for cultural education through travel; whether you are a student planning to travel abroad, or an individual wanting a unique travel experience with your family, their desire is to customize and create your personal travel experience. Their specialty is offering travel that facilitates a full sensory experience, and allows the traveler to create lifelong memories by including exposure to off-the-beaten-path elements.


Mario Mazzocchi, Owner/Tour Director

  Mario Mazzocchi, Owner/ Tour Director

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Mario and Courtney Mazzocchi, Amalfi Coast, Italy